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Hi, I'm Janine, a Certified Mindset + Belief Coach. I'm on a mission to help women bust their limiting beliefs so they can step fully into the life they want. You might think it's time, money, or your circumstances, or even other people, that are holding you back. But no, it all boils down to the beliefs you hold about yourself and what's possible. You're just not in the practice of identifying them and questioning them, and deciding new beliefs. 

That's where your power is.

I didn't always realize this, though. As a former advertising executive in NYC, I was caught up in the hustle and bustle of success, feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I felt stuck and powerless, blaming others for my circumstances.

But now, as a Belief Coach, I share the tools that helped me turn it around. It's not just about surviving anymore, it's about thriving and creating a life I love.


It's your turn to step into your power and create a life that you truly desire.
Let's do it together!

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