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I'm on a mission to free your mind from the beliefs that limit your life.

You’re repeating the patterns that keep you stuck in a life you don't love. 


You’re feeling “meh” in some (or maybe all) areas of your life.


You feel caged in because no matter what course you take or vision board you create — Your mindset is constantly working against you.

A part of you knows that life is meant to feel so much better than this, and you're ready to find out what that is.

Limiting beliefs constrain your true essence — they put limitations on your life. They can keep you from finding the relationship you want (or leaving the one you don’t want), quitting the job you hate (or creating the business you love ), or just giving up on a dream without even trying to achieve it.


It’s hard to spot your limiting beliefs, let alone overcome them. These notions can be crafty and persuasive, whispering, "You're not competent enough" or, "Someone else or something else has to change before you get your slice of happiness." If you've ever felt the weight of uncertainty or the ache of an unfulfilled dream, you know what I’m talking about.

You might wonder whether there is something fundamentally wrong with you. (There’s not.) You may think it's too late for you (It's not).  And you might also wonder if it’s possible to live a life free of limits and full of what you always wanted. (It is.) 


You can have anything you set your mind to!  However, limiting beliefs will not magically disappear by doing affirmations, creating vision boards, writing gratitude journals, or even meditation. Lasting change comes from changing your thinking at the level of your core beliefs. Belief is not a mood or feeling. Belief is a skill. And like all skills, it’s developed through the conscious practice of effective strategies combined with deliberate intent.

A Different Approach to Coaching

In a world where too many coaches offer these never-ending courses aimed at "fixing" your life with the same mind that created it.  I stand behind the belief  – you don't need fixing. You are not broken; you simply forgot who you are. You need rediscovery. "You're not limited by who you are.  Your beliefs limit you. You need to reclaim yourself." 


This isn't magical thinking. It's Method. It's my highly personalized methodology that busts the mold of cookie-cutter coaching. 

THE BELIEFOLOGY METHOD® was born from my deep passion for reconnecting women to the power they have within their own minds and lives so they are free to become who they were always meant to be. It's a unique journey of personal rediscovery that dives into the core of your internal belief system. It's where rapid transformation meets individual empowerment one belief at a time. Where belief strategies, tools and techniques propel you toward the life you want. Where the limiting beliefs that have entwined your true essence are replaced by ones that permanently free you!


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