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Create the life you want by transforming your beliefs

This event was held on Jan 23.

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There's something important missing from your big dreams for 2023...


How many years have you talked about, wished, hoped, and even planned to make changes in your life only to have the year go by like all the others, and you find yourself in the same situation?
How many times have you added something to a vision board knowing it was just wishful thinking? 
Let's be honest,
without belief, nothing you conjure up will come true.

The limiting beliefs you are consciously and unconsciously carrying are determining your life.


Are you willing to have those beliefs challenged so you can finally get unstuck?

This virtual BeliefBoardTM workshop will focus on:


 identify & dismantle the beliefs that hold you back

 learn new tools that will shift the way you see yourself 

 create new beliefs for your future
 set a winning mindset for growth


 stir the "possibility pot" for your life

 create the vision for your self, your relationships, home, health and wealth

 connect to your purpose 

 tap into the knowledge of your Future Self

 Yes you will make your Belief BoardTM!

This is NOT a vision board...there's a huge difference! This board will become the roadmap to what you want, not just a wishlist, and you will know how to bring it to life.

You will leave this workshop with a new clarity about yourself & what is possible for your life.



What's included in the BeliefBoardTM workshop?

Clear your calendar and make this a time to show up for YOURSELF to start this new year right. Here's what you'll experience in this live virtual 3-hour event on Zoom:


You will come away from our time together with more clarity about your life and future, seeing opportunities where you don't right now, and with a visual roadmap for 2023! You will also receive a workbook to keep you on track well beyond this event! 


You will have the opportunity to get coached on the specific things that are holding you back. Getting coached and even witnessing others get coached is a powerful mindset changer and worth so much more than the cost of this workshop!


You will have your future in your hands and will know how to generate new possibilities for your life. You will practice dreaming your wildest dreams will learn how to make them happen! 

What's the difference between a vision board and a BeliefBoardTM?

A vision board focuses on things outside you that you'd like to have. It's very outward facing, which is fine but if you notice, it feels more like a "wishful thinking" board. 

To create a BeliefBoardTM we first tackle the stories you've been carrying about yourself and your life. The inner work comes first. You will learn how to identify the beliefs you currently hold and the obstacles holding you back...fear, imposter syndrome, indecision, self worth, etc. You will then learn how create new beliefs for your life. Only when you've done this inner work can you create your BeliefBoardTM.

It starts on the inside. It starts with YOU.

I'm a Certified Mindset + Vision Coach. My mission in life is to help women realize the power they have over their own lives. Where they see no choice, there is choice. Where they see no change, there can be change. No more waiting for things or people to be different so we can feel better. 

We have to go first. That's where our power is.

I didn't always know that. And if I did, I didn't know how to do it. 

As a former advertising executive in NYC, I was so caught up in the success train and busy daily life without ever realizing I could affect how I experienced it all. Instead I was barely surviving in a constant state of overwhelm and stress. I felt stuck and blamed everyone and everything around me. 

Now as a certified life coach, I coach women with the tools that changed my life for good. I'm so glad you're here. Let's have some fun while we create a life you really love! 💖🌈

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Zoom link and additional info/schedule to be sent to you by email before event. 

Have a question before signing up?

Email me directly at and I will answer you right away. Or use the chat button on this page. 

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