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The only thing standing between you and what you want is BELIEF...

As women, we are constantly monitoring and interpreting.  We keep a running account of what's happening, what it means, what we should do, and how we measure up. Sometimes, the interpretation process is twisted because of a  limiting belief.  These limiting beliefs can be spun so tightly that we feel our wants, needs, and desires are being choked out of us —  constricting our growth, and hindering our movement, which can cause us to feel trapped, oppressed, or hopeless to the point where we end up not even recognizing ourselves anymore. No wonder there is no shortage of coaches offering courses to help fix us.  Those thousands of never-ending courses can give you quick fixes, but not one will give you a sustainable inner mindset. 

THE BELIEFOLOGY METHOD® is my highly personalized framework that breaks the mold of cookie-cutter coaching that only produces temporary motivation. There are no never-ending courses to force you through. We simply work together in a safe, judgment-free space as we rewind all the harmful beliefs that may negatively impact your life and how they may have developed by reconnecting you to who you truly are and what's possible.  

We only get one life. It shouldn't be spent looking for the next "fix."


Let's reconnect to your infinite power source within YOU!

I am on a mission to bust through the limiting beliefs that limit your life.

I'm glad you're here. 

-—  Janine, Duro | Certified Mindset Coach & Beliefologist


There's only one relationship that determines your whole life. And it's not your relationship with me or any coach — it's the relationship with your own mind.

My clients experience massive freedom from working on that relationship!

I offer two ways to make certain you bust through the limiting beliefs that limit your life! 


  • Time laser-focused on just you for faster results.

  • Lifeline access to me between sessions.

  • Coach in your pocket via video replays of your sessions to cement your new beliefs.

  •  Lifetime digital workbooks that can be printed and used throughout your life.


    INVESTMENT: $2,800
    Includes 12 x 60 min appointments with 
    Janine Via Zoom. Text access between sessions.



  • LIVE Monthly Group Coaching with Janine and a group of your belief busting BFF's 

  • Special Monthly Topics 

  • Guest Speakers, Webinars

  • Accountability Groups

  •  In-Person Retreats


   100% Private Access, ensuring that our community
   remains exclusive and only accessible to members.


I stopped looking to other people for the answers, and I found the tools I need! I know the power of my thoughts, and I now know how to direct them. I'm FINALLY done with stress and drama in my life. I now know how to create whatever I want!



As a member of such a tight-knit group of belief slayers, I've gained much clarity and calmness. Our weekly calls have completely changed everything — yes, including my mind. If you're looking for connection, this group will inspire and energize you. Hope to meet you soon!

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