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I'm on a mission to free your mind from the limiting beliefs limit your life.

I'm glad you're here. 

-—  Janine, Duro | Beliefologist & Certified Mindset Coach  

OUR LIMITING BELIEFS. We are constantly monitoring, interpreting, and keeping a running account of what's happening, what it means, and what we should do.  Sometimes, the interpretation is twisted because of a limiting belief.  These beliefs can be spun so tightly that we feel our wants, needs, and desires are being choked out of us — causing us to feel trapped, oppressed, or hopeless to the point where we don't even recognize ourselves anymore. No wonder there is no shortage of coaches offering never-ending courses to help fix women.  

You don't need to be fixed.


You are not broken. 

You simply forgot who you are.

THE BELIEFOLOGY METHOD® is my highly personalized framework that breaks the mold of cookie-cutter coaching that only produces temporary motivation by getting to the heart of the internal belief system to achieve outstanding, rapid, sustainable results for my clients. 


There are no never-ending courses to force you through. We simply work together in a safe, judgment-free space as we rewind all the harmful beliefs that may negatively impact your life and how they may have developed by reconnecting you to who you truly are and what's possible.  

My goal is for you to become the ruler of your own mind by breaking free from invisible barriers and adopting the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to.



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