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As women, we are constantly monitoring and interpreting.  We keep a running account of what's happening, what it means, what we should do, and how we measure up. Sometimes, the interpretation process is twisted because of a  limiting belief.  These limiting beliefs can be spun so tightly that we feel our wants, needs, and desires are being choked out of us —  constricting our growth, and hindering our movement, which can cause us to feel trapped, oppressed, or hopeless to the point where we end up not even recognizing ourselves anymore. No wonder there is no shortage of coaches offering courses to help fix us.  

Don't get it twisted. Beliefs are not facts. Beliefs are based solely on our generalizations from the past, other people’s messages about us, and the meaning we make from our experiences. 

You don't need to be fixed. 

You are not broken.

You simply forgot who you are. 

You need to become UNTWISTED

From Course Junkie to Course Correction 

There are thousands of never-ending courses out there that can give you quick fixes, but they don’t give you a sustainable inner mindset. My highly personalized "UNTWIST ® methodology breaks the mold of cookie-cutter coaching that only produces temporary motivation. There are no never-ending courses to force you through. We simply work together in a safe, judgment-free space as we rewind all the harmful beliefs that may negatively impact your life and how they may have developed by reconnecting you to who you truly are and what's possible.  

We only get one life. It shouldn't be spent looking for the next "fix."


Let's untwist and reconnect to your infinite power source within YOU!

What is THE UNTWIST METHOD_edited.png

My UNTWIST® methodology is a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. I won’t solve your problems. Instead, I ask the right questions — the mind-blowing ones. I compassionately explore how your brain tells stories about yourself and your surroundings, and then we look at your conscious and unconscious thought patterns to see what can be changed, opened, or expanded.  Then, we set aspirational, motivational, stretching goals that we believe are attainable. And last but not least, we embed these practices in your daily life until they are self-sustaining.

UNTWIST® gives you the tools and techniques you can rely on to get proven rapid results every time.

This includes…

 The unroll and straightening out of any limitations you have placed on yourself.

Reconnect with yourself.

 Untwist your unconscious limiting beliefs

Create a new belief system.


No matter what obstacles come your way — you don’t just overcome them— You untwist and get on a straight path of possibilities. 

Ready to become the person that makes life look easy?

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