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THE BELIEFOLOGY METHOD®  is my unique framework, meticulously designed to bust the limiting beliefs you have unconsciously formed. My highly personalized approach is tailored to each client. I ask the right questions — the mind-blowing ones. I compassionately identify how your brain tells stories about yourself and your surroundings, and then we look at your conscious and unconscious thought patterns to see what can be changed, opened, or expanded.  Then, we set aspirational, motivational, stretching goals that we believe are attainable. And we embed these practices in your daily life until they are self-sustaining.

THE BELIEFOLOGY METHOD®  includes tools and techniques you can rely on to remove the invisible mind barriers so you are free to rewrite your own story:   

Reconnect with yourself. 

 Bust your unconscious limiting beliefs. 

Create a new self-sustaining belief system.

No matter what obstacles come your way — you don’t just overcome them— you permanently bust through the limiting beliefs that have limited your life.


Beliefology is the study of limiting beliefs and behavior. When we hold limiting beliefs, we limit our lives.  Limiting beliefs are negative thought patterns that steal your opportunities and keep you in a mental prison. It does not matter what sort of mental prison you find yourself locked in; the only thing that matters is that you free yourself as fast as possible.

As a beliefologist, I can tell you firsthand that most people accept their beliefs as true without questioning them too closely. 

Do you know what your limiting beliefs are or where they come from?

You can’t challenge/replace a belief if you can’t identify it.

That's where THE BELIEFOLOGY METHOD® comes in!

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