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Are you feeling like there's an invisible force holding you back? 

That's not you. That's a limiting belief. 
It's making you doubt your potential and capabilities.
That little voice whispers, "You can't do it" or "You're not good enough." Those thoughts keep you from seizing opportunities and embracing your true self.

But what if you had a proven framework designed by someone who understands those struggles and knows how to navigate them?

An 8-week small-group program.
Spots are limited so we can focus on YOU and break the patterns that hold you back.
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Identify, challenge, and replace your limiting beliefs.


WEEKS 1 - 3

• Spot and start to shift those sneaky thoughts you're thinking on a daily basis


• Use your past to fuel your future


• Stop reacting and start to reclaim what you want 

• Develop new beliefs that will propel you forward 

• Understand why celebrating yourself is important to success

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Understand the science of belief, so you can rule your mind.

WEEKS 4 - 6


• Learn the power of mindset and how it works. 


 • Discover how your brain is wired to keep you stuck

• Understand the nuances of Dreaming and Wanting


• Learn how to use fear and doubt to your advantage

• Practice your new beliefs so they permanently anchor in you

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Stretch beyond what you thought was possible.

WEEKS 7 - 9

• Discover new possibilities in the DreamstormTM Session

• Get clear on your vision and set expansive goal


• Tap into your Future Self for the wisdom you need today

• Create your action plan

• Generate strategies to overcome any obstacles in your way.


From vision to reality, becoming who you were meant to be.

WEEKS 10 - 12


• Embody the new version of yourself to show up differently


• Anchor your visions by creating a BeliefBoardTM 

• Learn how to thrive in the "Discomfort Zone" so you don't get stuck

Unleash your newfound 'belief-fulness' boldly into the world!

This is a very hands-on small group program where we will tackle your limiting beliefs together.

👉🏻 You will shift your perception of yourself and what's possible.

👉🏻 You will know and decide what you want and we'll create the ACTION PLAN for it to happen.

👉🏻 There's no hiding and there's no "not doing".

👉🏻 This is not for everyone. It's for those who are tired of being stuck and are READY to take a bold step to have what they want.

Is that you? 
4 steps. 8 weeks. A lifetime of freedom.

The only thing standing between you and what you want is belief.

The next cohort starts Tuesday November 14 2023

Join now - spaces will be limited!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Belief Lab Course PAY IN FULL

  • Belief Lab PAY PLAN

    Every month
    Payment plan (3 monthly payments of $315)
    Valid for 3 months
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Hi, I'm Janine, a Certified Mindset Coach & BeliefologistTM! I'm on a mission to help you break through your limiting beliefs so they no longer keep you swirling in inaction. You might think it's time, money, your circumstances, or even other people, that are holding you back.


But no, it all boils down to the beliefs you hold about yourself and what's possible. You're just not in the practice of identifying and questioning them, and deciding new beliefs. That's my jam.


THE BELIEFOLOGY METHODTM  was born from my deep passion for reconnecting women to the power they have within their own minds and lives so they are free to become who they were always meant to be. It's a unique journey of personal rediscovery that dives into the core of your internal belief system. 

The four-step process, consisting of strategies, tools, and techniques I developed is designed to propel you toward the life you want.


It's how the limiting beliefs that have entwined your true essence for years are replaced by beliefs that permanently free you!

Are you ready to have everything you say you want? 

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