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If you have a dream that you haven’t been able to do yet, something is holding you back:

  • Lack of time

  • Lack of money

  • Hating your job

  • Your situation

  • Other people

  • Responsibilities

  • Self doubt

  • ​​Procrastination

  • Perfectionism

  • People pleasing

  • Fear

  • Failure

  • Judgment

  • Scarcity

You may be saying to yourself:

How do I figure out what to do with my life? 

How to I find my happiness? 

I can't afford to leave my job but I want more. I'm stuck.

It's not possible for me to make more money.

I don't even know what I want anymore. 

I feel so guilty focusing on anything for me. 

Those are the limiting beliefs in your way. But here's the good news. You're the one who can change them. 

You have big dreams and WILL make them happen.

You will be done with the self doubt that’s holding you back. 

You will have someone by your side to keep you on the path forward.

It's time to believe new things



The Belief Lab white type

How it works


► At the beginning of the program you set your goal

► Then we work together for 10 weeks to bust every limiting belief that comes up for you.

► This is not just about accountability. You will learn the tools to make you a belief-busting extraordinaire!

Topics include:

• Rewriting Your Inner Dialogue

• How to Spot a Limiting Belief

• Discovering “Who am I and What Do I Want?”
• The Think-Do-Be-Have Coaching Construct

• Wanting Without Guilt

• Letting Go of Perfectionism

• How to Use your Past to Fuel Your Future

• Reaction Mode to Creation Mode

• Creating a Vision For Your Life

• Surviving the Discomfort Zone

• How to Believe Your Way to Success

• The Importance of Celebrating Wins

• How to Access Your Future Self for Your Ultimate Life

► You will learn how to create ANY result you want

► This is a 10-week group coaching program with 1-on-1 attention

► Limited to only 15 people!

Let's make it all happen!

Here's what you get:

This is a 10-week program:

  • Weekly live sessions as a group to learn the tools and coach

  • 3 spotlight sessions to go deeper on your specific blocks that hold you back

  • Coaching coaching coaching! The thing that makes all the difference! 

  • Group setting with 1-on-1 feel, with supportive, encouraging, like-minded women

  • Digital workbooks to use again and again as you grow 

  • My list of Thoughts to Think on Purpose

  • Recordings of all sessions

  • Private FB group for community

  • Tools that will last you a lifetime! 

The only thing standing between you and what you want is belief. 

This is a Beta launch of this new Signature program. I am so excited to bring this to you and help you make the changes you know you need. It will not be offered at this price again. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity for yourself!
This program will be limited to only 15 people. 
We begin the week of May 8. 

  • Belief Lab Course PAY IN FULL

  • Belief Lab PAY PLAN

    Every month
    Payment plan (3 monthly payments of $315)
    Valid for 3 months

Have questions about The Belief Lab? No problem.
Let's have a quick chat.

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