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From the outside, everything looked fine. I was a successful advertising creative director in Manhattan. I got married and had a baby. Great family, wonderful husband, beautiful kid, and a great job — I had it all!  I had no right to complain. Yet that’s all I did. I felt that I was at the mercy of my circumstances; The hours at work, juggling motherhood, husband/home/family/friends. It was a lot. I was trying to look happy, but I was miserable. Short tempered, resentful, irritable. I felt overwhelmed by my life, hanging on to my sanity by my fingernails.

I was facing a serious self-inflicted health crisis that would kill me, not in months or years but in weeks (not my self-diagnosis, but my doctors). He told me, “Mental stress can cause all types of physical problems.” And the reason for my health crisis in my body was caused by my mind.

Out of guilt and in my mind, I decided ok, "settle for this life." So for the next month, I changed nothing. Then, one night it all came to a head; I blamed my circumstances on my husband. “How could you let it get this bad?” (more resentment and irritability). Then, the massive wake-up call. I had a wonderful husband.  This wasn’t about him or anyone or anything else. This was all about me. To save my life and be around for my family, husband, and daughter, I must put myself first.


What to do next became a no-brainer (no pun intended). I got myself a mindset coach. She challenged me and taught me to manage my mindset and change my beliefs. She helped me trust myself. To be independent of people’s opinions about my life and my choices. To clear the path to free myself to fulfill my dreams however, I saw fit.  


With my new limitless beliefs and the vast impact mindset coaching had had on my life, I knew that so many others could benefit too, and I wanted them to experience the life-changing breakthroughs I had experienced. So I "saw fit" to free myself from the career that was killing me, and I became a Certified Mindset + Belief Coach.

Now I aim to help every woman break down the invisible barriers that keep them from believing in their own power so they can inspire the women around them and watch it ripple out. The world needs women who know themselves and what they bring to the table ultimately creating my vision of   — A world where every women’s mind is free. 

Are you ready to put yourself first and bust through the limiting beliefs that limit your life? 

I can’t wait to support you — Now, let's free your mind from limits!

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