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The Shift Happens Sessions
but only for a limited time!

You have an idea of what you want for your life. But the thinking that got you here, won't get you there. 

You have to shift. 

Shift your story, shift your perspective, shift your beliefs, shift your possibilities. No more waiting. It's in your control.

My laser-focused 90-minute one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to help you break through your own limiting beliefs so you can move forward confidently.

This is not a group. This is you and me.

Two private 90-min sessions. Focused totally on YOU.

This private invite is only available for 48 hours

Sign up by Sunday Dec 3 
at midnight PT an
d use the sessions anytime before January 31 2024!

It's time to break free from the beliefs that are holding you back, my friend.

Let's make next year YOUR year.
I'll show you how.

Even a small shift can free you

I spent most of my life on rinse-and-repeat, thinking that change wasn't possible. My circumstances didn't allow for it. That was just the "truth".


Until I learned how to make shifts...not on the outside, but on the inside.


Suddenly the thoughts I believed were truths were just...not. And all new possibilities opened up.  

What it took was taking the first step. That's why I developed these laser-focused 90-minute sessions. So you can learn how to make the shifts. 

I will also share with you the exact beliefs I created in order finally to do the thing I thought was NEVER possible...quit my 30-year career! Yes, I created those life-changing beliefs on purpose and you will too. 

V.I.B. Session 


In these 2 powerful 90-min sessions, will use a my proven 4-phase process so you'll be able to see immediate progress.


We will work through YOUR specific situation and identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You'll learn how to shift them and we'll create new beliefs that will create different results for you. With new clarity of what you want, we'll create the action plan for you to make it happen! Nothing cookie-cutter about it! 


You'll discover a newfound confidence and clarity as we shift your mindset, rewrite your narrative, and create new beliefs.

You'll walk away with tools & an action plan you can implement immediately to create what you want, or figure out what it is!


There's no need to be held back by our own limiting beliefs. What do you want to do with your one precious life? 

Belief + Action = Reality 

Sarah, CA

Janine's SHIFT Session was a game-changer for me. In the first 90 minutes, I gained a new perspective on how I was holding myself back and discovered a sense of empowerment I never thought possible!

Janet, NY

I was skeptical at first, but these 90 minute sessions exceeded my expectations. Janine's guidance and techniques helped me immediately shift my mindset and I'm already making  positive changes in my life!

Lisa, MI

I kept waiting for something to change in my life but in my session with Janine I saw more possibilities than I ever realized! II didn't have to wait for anything. A few shifts and so much has already changed!

Imagine the possibilities. And then make them happen.

The only thing standing between you and what you want is belief.

TWO 90-min Shift Happens Sessions



After you sign up, I will send you a brief intake form and the calendar link for you to schedule your sessions anytime through January 31 2024!


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