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If you've ever been held back by fear, self-doubt, uncertainty or overwhelm, this course is for you. 

The Beliefology MethodTM  Program is now open! 

Let's free you from the limiting beliefs that are limiting your life

This is a "soft launch" of the NEW methodology I developed to help you SHIFT your limiting beliefs so you can springboard forward in what you really want to do. This beta version consists of proven tools I've taught my clients over the last 4 years. Limited spots at a special price.


In The Beliefology MethodTM Program you will learn my new 4-step method that will teach you how to:

SHIFT your limiting beliefs 

BELIEVE in yourself and your unique path

ACT intentionally to create your future

RECEIVE what you long for without blocking it

You will learn tools and techniques you can rely on to remove the invisible mind barriers so you are free to rewrite your own story:  


👉🏻 Reconnect with yourself. 

👉🏻 Bust your unconscious limiting beliefs. 

👉🏻 Create a new self-sustaining belief system.

👉🏻 Learn to thrive in uncertainty

👉🏻 Build your confidence and overcome self-doubt

No matter what obstacles come your way — you will know how to bust through the limiting beliefs that have limited your life.

It's not just talk, it's tools

You'll be coached on your specific limiting beliefs.

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN IN THE PROGRAM...and so much more!
(each module is 2 weeks)


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The things you think on a daily basis are holding you back. Learn what they are and how to SHIFT them.


Think your past defines you? Not today! You’ll learn how to use everything that’s happened, to fuel your future.


Tired of living in Reaction mode? You’ll know how to turn it into Creation mode every day!


Sept workshops 2023 (4)_edited.png


There’s a science behind believing and once you know it, you can literally do anything.


You’ll learn how to practice new beleifs so they are anchored in you.


It’s not that you won’t ever feel fear or doubt, (you will!) but from here on out you’ll know how to move it out of the way of your unshakebale belief. And that changes everything!


Sept workshops 2023 (4)_edited.png


When you truly believe in yourself you show up to your own life very differently.


Intentionality will be your driver and tapping into your Future Self will be your roadmap.


You’ll thrive when things get hard and know how to keep moving outside your “comfort zone” without running back to the familiar.

You'll unleash the real you!



You will create the true vision for your future. In detail! And you’ll know exactly what to do to make it happen.


The Dreamstorm & BeliefBoardTM session will bring it all together and you’ll know how to turn any obstacle into a springboard so nothing holds you back.


Are you ready to have what you say you want?

It's not magic, it's a method.

DECIDE you want to go all-in on you and I'll guide you 

DECIDE that being more YOU is a necessity in your life

DECIDE that you're tired of NOT doing what you want

DECIDE to be ready to take the next step forward

The Welcome Call is Friday October 6 @NOON ET and we can decide then as a cohort what meeting time is good for everyone for the program. Calls are recorded and replays will be provided.


Special pricing for this soft launch!

Choose the payment option that works for you.

  • Belief Course Ext PayPlan

    Every month
    Valid for 10 months

All sales final. No refunds. Email questions to


Hi, I'm Janine, a Certified Mindset + Belief Coach. I'm on a mission to help women bust their limiting beliefs so they can step fully into the life they want. You might think it's time, money, or your circumstances, or even other people, that are holding you back. But no, it all boils down to the beliefs you hold about yourself and what's possible. You're just not in the practice of identifying and questioning them, and deciding new beliefs. 

That's where your power is.

I didn't always realize this, though. As a former advertising executive in NYC, I was caught up in the hustle and bustle of success, feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I felt stuck and powerless, blaming others for my circumstances.

But now, as a Belief Coach, I share the tools that helped me turn it around. It's not just about surviving anymore, it's about thriving and creating a life I love.


It's your turn to step into your power and create a life that you truly desire. Let's do it together! 💖🌈

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